A Prayer For My Future Husband

If you are anything like me & the rest of the teenage girls in the country, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours upon hours planning and pinning things for your future wedding. Which seems silly, right? I mean, I don’t even have a boyfriend & yet I have every detail planned right down to the colors, who my bridesmaids are, the location, & everything in between. I’m just missing one minor detail: the guy. That’s what brings me to this post today.

I’ve been taught for as long as my memory will allow to pray for my future husband. That prayer would usually go something like this:

“Lord, please give my future husband a good sense of humor & a heck of a lot of patience because any man of mine is going to need it. I pray he is ready for Reba sing-a-longs and One Tree Hill marathons. I pray he can sing or play the guitar or something really cool. I pray that he is very athletic because our kids are going to need some help in that department. I pray that he loves You & that He loves me. Amen.”

While that’s very true, it’s always very much on the surface. It wasn’t until recently that my prayers for my future husband radically changed. I was driving back to Lee from a basketball game at Bryan College & I was thinking a lot about who my future husband would be & what he would be like. Athletic? Smart? Funny? Life of the party? Talented? Mysterious? Simple? Then I painfully realized, while those are all good qualities to have, none of those things had to deal with my future husband being a man of God, which is the single most important thing a man can be.

Since that day, here’s my prayer for my future husband: [note: I found some of this on Pinterest, but know that it is just as sincere]

“I pray that he is a worshipper like David.
I pray that he can make bad situations better with just a couple of words.
I pray that he is wise like Solomon.
I pray that he is a prayer warrior, & not a worrier.
I pray that he is brave like Jonathan.
I pray that he leads our family with grace.
I pray that he obeys God like Abraham.
I pray that he has a heart for the nations & loves traveling just as much as I do.
I pray that he has faith like Joshua.
I pray that he has a really good sense of humor & can make me laugh until I think I’m going to pee my pants.
I pray that he has Jesus as his closest friend like Peter.
I pray that he has a sense of adventure.
I pray that he is willing to suffer for the cost of spreading the gospel like Paul.
I pray that he can handle my crazy family & even crazier friends.
I pray that his belief in Christ is so strong that he would be willing to walk through fire like Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego.
I pray that he is prepared for lots & lots of pictures.
I pray that his love for Christ is so strong that is radiates through every crevice of his being.
I pray that he is patient, silly, grounded, passionate, & caring.
I pray that he loves me in the midst of all the really weird things I do & that love would only grown stronger every day.

& in my own selfish ambition, I pray that he is ready for Reba sing-a-longs & One Tree Hill marathons. Amen.”

I mean, it only took me 19 years to figure out that while being athletic & smart & funny are all good things, they aren’t what makes a man. If a man is truly a man of God & it’s who God wants you be with, then all of the other stuff won’t matter.

I encourage you to begin praying for your future husband, regardless of your age. Pray with passion & sincerity. Rest in the fact that the Lord already has someone in store for you, all you have to do is trust Him & pray for the man He sends your way.

Much love,
Celia Grace

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13 thoughts on “A Prayer For My Future Husband

  1. Hannah says:

    Um okay. So, I follow your on insta of course and I saw you post about your blog and I would see it and be like ok cool I’ll read that. Well, I just binge read all of your posts and I’m like holy cow, what even is this? So, basically what I’m saying is that I relate majorly and I’m just been hit in the face with a brick wall. WOW!!


  2. Karen says:

    My daughter read your post and agreed with all you are saying, I am glad the both of you desire a Godly man. I believed God for the same for many years. May I also share with you some truth from a forty something whose been in 3 other failed marriages, stayed single for 7 years and then married a Godly man? My prayers started off with what Godly characteristics I wanted in a man but one day The Lord asked me what I had to offer? Would I be a good wife? Would I be faithful and loving even when my husband failed me? Would I honor my husband when he did not deserve it? Would he be proud to call me his wife? What if his paycheck wasn’t enough? How would I treat him? I know now, that had I been more concerned with my own character, and honoring God with my life, my list would have been short and my journey not so painful. I hope you are granted all of the things you desire, truly I do, but men will fail – know that’s the truth. But God never will and I encourage you to seek God as your Husband first. In His Name

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    • Pen says:

      I just read your comment and wish I could share it! I am almost 50 and have been married to my soulmate for 30 years. What you wrote is spot on! It is one thing to wish for a Godly husband but another to be His Godly wife!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Chelsea Brandon says:

      I completely and one hundred and ten percent agree with you. We need to quit asking the question “is he mr. Right?” And started asking ourselves “am I the right one for him?” Every single person no matter who they are will fail us. We live in a fallen world and we broken human beings. But if we start looking for God to complete us and to find a man who complements us, we won’t be disappointed by failed expectations. If it’s one thing I have learned its if I run full speed at God I know that he will bring a man into my life who’s running full speed towards God right along with me. It should ALWAYS be about God, not each other.


  3. Ingrid says:

    It’s beautiful and touching. I wish I could have read something like this when I was young. I’m so proud of you my daughter, Cassie, for taking the time to read this and to post it! Love you so much Mom


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